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You can use WhatsApp on multiple devices

WhatsApp lets you chat with friends, acquaintances and colleagues. After adding the appropriate WhatsApp contacts, you can use WhatsApp to send and receive messages. But you might want to use WhatsApp on two devices if you have two phones. For example, you have two different phone numbers for life and work. But you still do not want two WhatsApp accounts? Therefore, you may want to sync WhatsApp on two devices.

Is it possible to use WhatsApp on multiple devices? But I can give you the answer directly: officially allows WhatsApp not yet the same WhatsApp account under multiple mobile phone numbers. Why so? WhatsApp verification of accounts is dependent on no mobile number, but on IMEI number. As an internal ID number of every mobile phone, each WhatsApp account becomes unique. You can not just change the phone number to use the same account on another smartphone.

WhatsApp on two devices

But here’s another way for you to use WhatsApp on two devices at the same time.

  • WhatsApp on two devices – That’s how it works
  • Tip: Use WhatsApp safely

WhatsApp on two devices – That’s how it works

In early 2015, WhatsApp introduced a new feature: WhatsApp Web . Then there is a way to use WhatsApp on the browser on the PC. Use this feature to sync WhatsApp to two devices. But you have to pay attention: On the second device, you can only use WhatsApp Web, instead of opening the WhatsApp app on the phone.

WhatsApp Web

1. Open directly the browser on your second device, such as Chrome, Firefox and so on.

2. Then go to WhatsApp Web from the messenger’s web client. Subsequently, a QR code will show you.

Pay attention : If you really open WhatsApp Web on the browser of the Android phone, you must make sure that the browser under Android smartphone enable the desktop mode. Only if the Android browser is in the desktop mode does WhatsApp Web work normally.

3. Then you can scan the QR code. After scanning, all your messages and contacts will also appear on the second device via the browser.

4. Now the WhatsApp account is online on another device. But you should keep in mind that the WhatsApp on the main smartphone must be permanently online so that WhatsApp Web works on the second phone. If the main WhatsApp is offline, you will not receive any new notifications and notifications.

Although it is not an official method for WhatsApp, it also becomes a reliable way to enable WhatsApp with an account on two or more devices.

Note: You should back up your WhatsApp data by default . With a backup of WhatsApp you can easily restore the deleted WhatsApp images & videos restore to Android .

Tip: Use WhatsApp safely

Every day we open WhatsApp, which has brought us a cheap news service. But it is advisable to use WhatsApp for sure WhatsApp safely. Why is WhatsApp so loved? WhatsApp is not only free, but also offers some additional features: sending pictures, videos or sound messages. In addition, you can also chat in the forum of group chats with up to 256 contacts.

Use WhatsApp on two devices

But there is always a concern about data security on WhatsApp, because you enter the existing mobile phone numbers for WhatsApp to log in WhatsApp. Since 2014 WhatsApp is officially on Facebook. Because of the news on Facebook these days, one also has doubts about WhatsApp.

However, here are some tips to help you use WhatsApp safely to ensure data security from your smartphones.

Make WhatsApp safe

1. Update WhatsApp on a regular basis

For each app, updating is also very important. There is also no exception to WhatsApp. On the latest version of WhatsApp you can open and use WhatsApp fluently and quickly. In addition, the bugs are fixed by the old WhatsApp version.

Make sure you download and update WhatsApp to the Google Play Store. Or you can also download WhatsApp on the official website.

2. Unknown trailer

You should not download and open unknown tags that send unknown channels to you. If you’ve downloaded the suspects, hackers can take control of your WhatsApp account. After receiving the tags, you should first determine the safety. Under no circumstances should you add any foreign contacts.

3. Log out safely

If you open WhatsApp Web on your PC, you should still log out. Therefore, you can control the activity and data from your WhatsApp account. Recently, a vulnerability in WhatsApp Web was found. With the help of the vulnerability, the hacker will very easily be able to control WhatsApp. By hacking the hacker can not only view and save your messages and photos, but also send the viruses and malware to other contacts.

4. WhatsApp profile photo

For every WhatsApp account you need a corresponding WhatsApp profile photo. Alternatively, replace your profile picture with a fun photo of animals or scenery instead of directly displaying your selfie.

5. Use WhatsApp over protected Wi-Fi

When you use it you should not connect hotspots when you open WhatsApp. For example, you do not have to connect the Wi-Fi hotspots of hotels, cafes and foreigners. Without encryption, WLAN hotspots do not guarantee data security.

6. Block strangers

If you receive messages from strangers, you should first block these suspects. Under Account> Privacy> Blocked Contacts, enable this feature.

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