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XFileSharing Pro v1.9 nulled and security broken

Finally, the DGT team (Denied Grinderz Team) has managed to offer a null version of this program after being able to decrypt for the first time the famous “” file , the name of the release is XFileSharing.Pro.v1.9.incl.Modules .PERL.NULL-DGT .

This has been a step forward since so far this functional release had not been published to the public. Even doing a google search I found freelance job offers where they paid to decrypt this file “”. According to the DGT member who managed to decrypt the file, he used reverse engineering (with programs such as hiew or IDA).

What is XFileSharing Pro?

This script, for those who do not know it, is written in perl and allows you to create a file storage page for later public or private download, or in other words, allows you to create your own file-sharing company.

Crowds of hosting companies to share files use the XFileSharing Pro script and it is recognized because the truth is, by default, it is translated into Spanish in a bad way.

I have had the privilege of being part of the DGT test team in this release and I can say that the result has been excellent, the script is fully functional. In my case I tried it on a Kimsufi 2G server with Ubuntu 12.04 in a LAMPP environment (specifically I used XAMPP for Linux ) and it works perfectly.

In the name of the release it says “inc.Modules”, but it does not include all the modules available for this script since some need a specific license. The modules included in this release are: Image mod, URL Leech mod, Flash upload mod, SmartPoints mod, Reports mod, Payment Gateways, Twitter mod, Archives mod, Moderator mod and Reseller mod.

I found this news of interest, because this may help small private communities to share their files without having to resort to classic hostings (rapidshare and similar) in which sooner or later the files are deleted. We can also imagine that some intrepid webmaster tries to launch a small company to share files or images.

As I have learned, DGT is working on version 2 of XFileSharing Pro and we may soon hear from a new release.

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