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Write articles like freelancer work

One of the most requested works today is the writing of articles , for which we usually resort to freelancer editors who work writing articles normally.

Many say that the copywriters market is saturated and that prices are for the floors, so it is no longer worthwhile to write articles, but in reality it is not so, because there are very specific niches that not everyone can write and that is where you can get a good income as a freelancer.

What theme to choose as a freelancer editor?

Most people have specific knowledge about a subject they are passionate about or have had very close contact with and therefore can write articles on that subject with little effort. An example could be a draftsman could write articles about 2D or 3D design programs, according to his knowledge.

The secret is to find a theme about which there is not much offer and of course have an interested buyer.

I would recommend not trying to write about technology, Android, internet and software since in those cases the market is saturated and it is difficult to sell those items at a good price, but if it is true that because there is more demand it is easier to sell them.

Another possibility is to specialize in writing the topics best paid by Adsense such as: travel, flights, hotels, insurance, cars, architecture, construction, mortgages, finance and VPS hosting.

You train and specialize in one of the above topics and as the income for the webmaster is greater they will pay more for the article.

How to write the articles?

Of course to be an editor you must write in an orderly manner and without spelling mistakes , so take care of the way to express yourself and write, while you check the possible spelling mistakes with a text editor.

At the time of writing articles the best option in my opinion is to write several articles (minimum 3 articles) and sell the pack, since selling a pack on a theme also increases the chances of getting a buyer.

Where to sell packs of items like freelancer?

For the sale of article packs visit websites and webmasters forums where you buy / sell items, sign up for them and try to do a good job for people to recommend your service and thus get more and better orders.

I also recommend that you examine the offers of other freelancer editors so you can get an idea of ??the prices and how the market is.

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