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WordPress 4.0 multilanguage

News about the future WordPress 4.0 is still coming and a very good news already confirmed is that WordPress 4.0 will be multilanguage from the moment of its installation . This internationalization of WordPress is undoubtedly something very expected and that will not only be of great help to WordPress users but will also help the expansion of this fantastic CMS .

A translation and development team has already been formed that will focus on the development of WordPress internationalization and try to solve the different problems that this entails.

How WordPress 4.0 multilanguage will work

According to the main WordPress developer, Andrew Nacin, the objectives of WordPress 4.0 multilanguage will be:

  • The first objective is that you can choose language in WordPress from the installation and from there, all the installation steps will be displayed in the selected language. When the installation is finished we will have the WordPress desktop completely in our language.
  • The selected language can be changed from the general WordPress settings screen.
  • Another option will be to search for plugins or themes that are in the selected language . In this way, if we have installed WordPress in Spanish, we can directly search for themes or plugins that offer a Spanish translation.
  • The “localization packages” will consist of core WordPress files, some translated files ( readme.html , the license file or the wp-config-sample.php configuration file) and the PO / MO translation file of the selected language . These localization packages should be available with each new version of WordPress immediately.
  • The location packages described above will only be used for initial downloads, that is, for installations from scratch. The updates will use the “language packs” as there is no reason to reinstall all the files in the localization packages.
    To be clear, there will be two types of translations:
    • The “localization packages” used in initial installations (will include all translation files).
    • The “language packs” used for updates (will only include the necessary translations for each update).

Personal opinion on the internationalization of WordPress 4.0

Offering WordPress 4.0 as a multilanguage is going to be a revolution and a very intense work since there will be a multitude of changes such as: modifications in the core, modifications in the API and even the page itself will need to be adapted to these new ones changes The really important thing about this step is that it will promote the translation of plugins and themes to different languages, so we will all benefit.

The internationalization of WordPress will also prevent us from having to download the language package as we have been doing so far to have our WordPress in Spanish .

Finally say that WordPress 4.0 already has an exit date if everything goes as planned and will be on August 27, 2014 .

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