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WordPress 4.0 Advances

The WordPress guys have begun to shape what will be the next WordPress 4.0 and WordPress development leader Andrew Nacin has named Helen Hou-Sandi as leader of the WordPress 4.0 project for several years working at the core of WordPress

At the moment it has been discussed about what new features the new version of WordPress will have or which plugins could become part of the core of WordPress.

Plugins that we may see integrated into the core of WordPress 4.0

There is nothing official but it seems that there are two plugins whose functionality will be integrated in the core of WordPress 4.0 if the deadlines allow it and will be of these two plugins and their functionality that we will talk about next.


Great news to see that a decent API that allows you to handle WordPress will finally be included. We currently have an XML-RPC API that has undoubtedly become obsolete and must be replaced by a current technology that implies fewer limitations.

The plugin in particular is found in GitHub in case someone does not want to wait for WordPress 4.0 to try the JSON REST API. It should be clarified that if I became part of the WordPress core, I would use the OAuth authentication system, so popular in today’s APIs (APIs of companies such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc … use OAuth).

Media Grid Project

During the development of WordPress 3.7 / 3.8 the Media Grid Project was proposed and they believe that it will be ready for WordPress 4.0 almost certainly. Anyway, the plugin is still under development and can be found both in GitHub and in the WordPress plugin repository.

What this plugin basically does is completely redesign the WordPress multimedia library to give it greater functionality and a better look.

And this is all for now, but surely we will have more news over the next few weeks.

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