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WordPress 3.9 “Smith” available

As we were announcing today, the 16th was the launch day of the new WordPress 3.9 and it has been, we already have it available to update. In we have already updated this version since we had been following it from the beta version and as expected, the update has not given us problems.

Many of the news already discussed in his day in another article but we will review them for the most clueless.

What’s new in WordPress 3.9 “Smith”

New article editor with TinyMCE 4.

It brings a renewed interface, the code marking is cleaner and improvements have been made when pasting text directly from Word or other word processors.

Possibility of creating audio and video playlists.

Now we can create audio and video lists directly from WordPress and insert them into our articles.

Widget preview.

Now from the menu Apariencia ? Personalizar we can manage the widgets and preview how they would be in our design before saving the changes to add them definitively.

Template preview improvements.

In addition to the previous option to preview the widgets, improvements have been introduced when establishing the header image that allows us to upload a custom image, crop, etc …

Theme browser on the installer screen.

When we access the template or theme installer we can now preview them before installing them definitively.

Preview of galleries in the editor.

In this new version by adding a gallery to an article, it can be previewed from the editor itself.

HTML5 markup galleries.

Now the galleries and captions will have HTML5 markup by default.

Greater ease to edit images.

Accessibility to the image editor has been improved to perform this task faster.

Upload images with drag and drop in the editor.

Now we can drag an image and drop it into the editor and it will be automatically uploaded to our WordPress at the same time as the multimedia library screen is shown.

Other internal improvements.

  • Now the MySQL Improved extension (mysqli) is used.
  • Autosave function has been reviewed and improved.
  • Updated auxiliary libraries: Backbone 1.1, TinyMCE 4, Underscore 1.6, Masonry 3, PHPMailer and Plupload.

News of special interest to developers in WordPress 3.9.

The following functions have been introduced:

  • doing_action() and doing_filter()
  • has_image_size() and remove_image_size()

They also remember that using the new TinyMCE 4 or the mysqli extension can cause compatibility problems with some plugins.

And this is all, practically without news regarding what we had already seen in beta version 1. What I expected was that they introduced the new WordPress emoticons , but we will have to keep waiting.

If you like the news , touch update. As always, create a backup before updating to avoid problems .

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