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WordPress 3.7 available next week

It seems that WordPress does not stop updating and evolving, so much that it seems that it was yesterday when we updated to version 3.6 and we already have in view the version 3.7 of WordPress that will be available next week .

At the moment the WordPress 3.7 RC1 version is ready to pass the testing phase by beta testers that of course should not be used in production spend that is final version.

What’s new in WordPress 3.7

We will briefly comment on some of the most important news that this new version 3.7 of WordPress will include:

  • Automatic background updates for updates to minor versions. For example, the update from version 3.7 to 3.7.1 will be done in the background and transparently for the administrator.
  • Possibility to perform major updates in the background automatically, for example from version 3.7 to 3.8.
  • Increased security in the evaluation of passwords, for example WordPress will now warn us of common errors when choosing our password. This has been achieved thanks to the use of the zxcvbn library developed by DropBox.
  • Improved the system of updates to avoid failures and avoid breaking blogs in the process.
  • Improved the search system, now the search results will be given an order by relevance instead of ordering them by date.
  • Improved the translation system to automate it. Now it will be possible to download a language and use it directly from the WordPress administration panel itself.

Tips before upgrading to WordPress 3.7

As I see what is coming, that after this update the typical problems will appear after updating to version 3.7 of WordPress . So next week before updating I recommend that you try the update in a trial WordPress before you may be using a plugin or theme incompatible with version 3.7.

Remember that it is easy to set up a test environment with XAMPP , in which to try to update before updating on your website. But anyway, before updating, make a backup or backup of your WordPress blog .

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