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Where to get icons and png?

Where to get icons or png images when you are developing a web page or even desktop program is a necessity to avoid having to design your own icons and thus speed up the work. To cover this need we have different websites that store and archive different collections of icons and PNG files for free use and freely distributed that we can use in our applications or web pages.

I will show my 4 favorite websites for this purpose, in them I almost always find what I need, from icons for social networks to icons for menus and navigation bars.

Best websites to get professional icons for free.
This is my favorite website to get free icons, because it is the first one I found and the one I use the most and it also has a design and an interface that allow you to quickly find the icons you are looking for. Another thing I like about this website is that once it finds an icon it also shows you the collection to which the icon belongs (if it belongs to a specific one), so you can get other icons of similar design to use in other parts of the web or program.
It has a large number of icons, and can even be found sorted by categories, which sometimes makes it easy to find the icons we are looking for.
My second alternative after This website works as an icon search engine and is very effective in searches. It has a large collection of icons and png files of all classes, categories and sizes. An option that I like about this website is to be able to show the results by selecting a minimum size, this option speeds up searches when you need minimum image dimensions.
It is a website very similar to This page has recently been used and the truth is that the results are very good. It has a large collection of icons and png files and several filters to perform searches that help us find the icon we are looking for.
This is not a web like the previous ones, but it is a web of designers and cartoonists both professional and amateur in which you can find quantity of material. In very exceptional cases, I need some weird design, I turn to this page and usually give good results. Keep in mind that this website is not focused on searching for icons and png files like the previous ones, but rather it is a web of designers, but with the search engine we can find interesting things.

Google Image Search
It is my last alternative when in none of the previous websites I find what I need and I have to say that sometimes it surprises me and gives me good results.

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