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WhatsApp Yowsup library in Python

We have a magnificent WhatsApp library under the name of Yowsup that is written entirely in Python . Yowsup allows us to use the WhatsApp protocol on any platform that supports the Python interpreter. The library has all the functionality of the WhatsApp client that we install on our smatphones.

Basic information of the WhatsApp Yowsup library

One of the results of Yowsup has been the appearance of “Wazzap” that today has been called OpenWhatsapp and is nothing more than a WhatsApp client for Blackberry and Nokia N9.

The WhatsApp protocol is a modified version of the XMPP protocol that is open source. Instead the WhatsApp authors have made their version of closed code, but the author of Yowsup has been skilled enough to reverse engineer the protocol and write this fantastic library.

The library is fully open source and we have it available on Github at the following link:

The requirements of Yowsup are:

  • Have the Python 2.6 or higher interpreter.
  • Have the extension “python-dateutil” installed. The easiest way to install it is to use the “” script that we download from the following link:
  • If we use a Python interpreter with a version lower than 2.7 we will need to install the extension “argparse” if we want to use the “yowsup-cli” application that we will talk about next.

Using yowsup-cli

Yowsup-cli is an interface that works under the command line that allows you to perform several actions such as: send / receive messages, register WhatsApp, see the last hour of activity of a user, etc …

We must remember that the first thing we must do is register WhatsApp on the PC where we are using yowsup-cli and for this we have at our disposal a guide (in English) from the developer of Yowsup in the following statement: https: // github. com / tgalal / yowsup / wiki / yowsup-cli

You should keep in mind that if you register with Yowsup the phone number of your Android smartphone, the WhatsApp of your smartphone will stop working . For this reason I recommend you to see the next section on how to get a free auxiliary phone number to be able to test with Yowsup .

Using a free secondary phone number with Yowsup

I think this solution is only for those who have the fonYou service available in their country. With this service we can get a new phone number totally free . When using a fonYou number with Yowsup we must take into account that the fonYou service does not allow receiving short number SMS messages, which is an inconvenience when registering our fonYou number with Yowsup . But calm all, that the solution is very simple, you just have to use the yowsup-cli --requestcode voice registration method, which will dictate the registration code in perfect English by telephone.

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