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WhatsApp on Android is no longer free

The WhatsApp Android application has started to request renewals from some users after a long time.

The WhatsApp application for Android was always paid, but they offered a period of one year to try it for free. This year of testing was prolonged again and again by constant updates and users thought the application was free, since it had been more than a year and had not been charged.

But finally the WhatsApp company has started requesting license renewals for a fairly low price (€ 0.89 per year). The problem is that to pay for this license you have to add a payment method to Google Play, which many users do not like.

On the other hand there are certain rumors that if you do not pay the renewal, the application stops working but in a few days it becomes operational again. This has its logic, because if all users whose license expires decide not to pay and go to another alternative such as LINE would be the end of WhatsApp. But as we said it has the disadvantage that for a few days the WhatsApp does not work.

On the other hand looking for information on the network I have been able to verify that WhatsApp for iPhone (for iPhone it has always been paid), once you make the payment to acquire it, the license is for life. This gives the possibility to use your card and your phone number on an iPhone and buy the WhatsApp and then return to your Android device and thus have the license for life.

WhatsApp happens to have an uncertain future.

This can mean the end of WhatsApp, because alternatives like Viber, Line or Skype have nothing to envy to WhatsApp and are totally free.

It is still early to give definitive and accurate news as the WhatsApp company has not made any official statement, but there are already quite a few users who have informed that the application asks them to pay the annual license on their Android device.

The payment methods that can be used in Google Play are credit card, Google Wallet and are still trying to implement PayPal, so many users (including me) if you have to use a payment method, I will not renew any license, simply I uninstall WhatsApp and I will move on to another alternative program.

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