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WhatsApp leads according to its CEO

Jan Koum, the CEO of WhatsApp, has revealed very interesting data about the company from which it follows that WhatsApp leads the sector. Among other things, he talks about the decision to charge for the use of WhatsApp and its annual license . The CEO confirms that the service has not been affected by the decision and that it continues to lead the free messaging market despite the growth of other applications such as LINE.

The CEO also emphasized a comparison of WhatsApp with Twitter , as Jan Koum states that this company loses many users for not offering free and cross-platform instant messaging, as is the case of WhatsApp. In my opinion, comparing Twitter with WhatsApp is not a correct comparison since they seem to me totally different services, so I think the WhatsApp CEO has only made this comparison as a marketing and show better statistics than a great company like Twitter.

WhatsApp usage statistics.

According to Jan Koum, the approximate figures of registered users in WhatsApp is 200 million users globally.

Regarding the traffic of messages (another statistic that demonstrates that WhatsApp leads the sector) it has been revealed that WhatsApp moves 20,000 million daily messages in total of which 12 billion are sent and 8 billion are received. These figures outperform other companies such as FaceBook.

Another curious fact that the CEO has uncovered is the number of employees of the company that is 50, a very low number compared to other companies with that number of users.

WhatsApp leads the sector and there is no clear competitor.

Surely many have tried LINE , Viber, Tango or any other instant messaging application but at the end of the day you realize that WhatsApp is still essential due to the great expansion it has had all these years.

Today it is not known very well because WhatsApp is still used when there are alternative applications, some say it is because it was the first to appear in their sector and not for the quality of service. It would be nice to know your opinions about it.

In my opinion I think there is no replacement for WhatsApp at the moment and there will be no short term. Personally, I think that the only company capable of unselecting WhatsApp is Google and perhaps it will be achieved with its announced Google Babel application that centralizes all the company’s instant messaging services, but will manage to unseat WhatsApp in the long term since that is how Google works.

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