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What’s new in WordPress 3.8.1

Today there is a new version of WordPress maintenance that solves several minor problems, we are talking about the news of WordPress 3.8.1 .

The English versions of WordPress have already been updated to me automatically, the Spanish versions seem to have not yet started the automatic process but I imagine it will be throughout today.

As always, I recommend updating manually and having automatic updates disabled as we have the opportunity to make a backup or backup before updating in case something goes wrong and not have to regret if the never-desired white screen of the death

What’s new in WordPress 3.8.1

It is a maintenance update, it does not correct any serious bug or security problem so it is not a critical update.

It solves 31 minor bugs, most of them related to CSS and the visual improvements introduced in WordPress 3.8 over a month ago.

Some of the most prominent bugs that have been fixed are:

  • Fixed problems with the send buttons in the administration area that often ignored clicks.
  • Fixed several issues with the theme selector.
  • Fixed issue where comments name was not showing if you entered the comment manager via iPad.
  • Fixed some problems with taxonomies when making requests with WP_Query.
  • Several CSS bugs fixed when accessed through mobile devices.
  • Fixed an issue with the permissions of the new directories that were created when uploading files.
  • Improvement of the WordPress installation process on IIS server.
  • Fixed a bug when creating a “quick draft” from the home screen of the WordPress administration area. When this “quick draft” was created, the default values ??of the comment and ping options were ignored.
  • Fixed an issue when inserting Twitter tweets for a change in the API of this one that now uses the HTTPS protocol.

That is a summary of the most important bugs solved in this version 3.8.1 of maintenance, the complete list of problems you have here .

As I said it is not a critical update since most updated files are CSS files but as always it is advisable to keep our WordPress blog updated.

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