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What to do if WhatsApp messages are not sent

You will open WhatsApp almost every day to send messages to friends. With WhatsApp you can easily edit messages with each other, instead of texting in cell phone. Therefore, it can be said that WhatsApp is a perfect replacement of SMS app in our smartphone.

But! Sometimes there is a terrible malfunction in WhatsApp. For example, WhatsApp does not send messages. After you edit the WhatsApp messages, you can not yet send WhatsApp messages. But other people will not receive your WhatsApp messages.

If WhatsApp messages do not go out, is there a solution? In fact, we still have several causes for this WhatsApp bug here. Therefore, we show the right solution for you to solve the problem. Let’s start then!

Why do not you send WhatsApp messages?

There are usually three reasons why “WhatsApp messages are not delivered”. Then you can find the corresponding problems here.

WhatsApp does not send

1. Bad network connection

Maybe you use WhatsApp over Wi-Fi connection. Then it’s possible that your Wi-Fi connection is not working so well. Therefore, you should guarantee the speed of the Wi-Fi network to send and receive the WhatsApp messages normally.

If you use the mobile data, will the WhatsApp messages also not be delivered? Then the strength of the mobile data is enough for WhatsApp. Because of the weak signal WhatsApp also does not send.

2. Verification is ongoing

Before you want to send the messages to others with WhatsApp, you must first confirm a verification. If you do not complete the verification yet, you will not be able to send any messages.

WhatsApp verification

Therefore, you should again check whether the verification of your WhatsApp account is completed. If not, try the verification again.

3. They are blocked by others

If others block your WhatsApp account, you will not be able to send messages to that particular WhatsApp account. You can check if you are blocked:

You can not send messages to the contact. Or you can not make calls with the contact.

You can not see a change to the profile photo, even though he has changed a new profile picture.

Online status is also not available. You can not see any new online status from the contact, such as “Online” and so on.

Method 1: Check the network

Why can not you send and receive WhatsApp messages? Because of the poor network connection, you can send not only WhatsApp messages, but also SMS. There is a solution for iPhone users here:

1. Check if the wireless router is working well. Your wireless router is OK? Then try another wireless connection. Or you can also restart your wireless router.

2. Turn flight mode on and off. Restarting from Airplane mode allows you to reset all network connection from your iPhone. Therefore, some network errors are also fixed. Only find the key of flight mode in the control center. Then activate the flight mode. In a few seconds you can switch off the mode and activate the WLAN connection or mobile data.

3. While many people use the same Wi-Fi, the speed of the Wi-Fi becomes very slow. Therefore, the mobile data should be activated, instead of just using the slow Wi-Fi connection.

4. Reset the network settings. Resetting network settings removes all stored network connections. Just click Settings> General> Reset> Reset Network Settings.

Reset iPhone network settings

Note: For Android users, you can also turn flight mode on and off. But you can not reset a network setting to Android devices.

Method 2: Reset iPhone

There may be a system error on your device, which will also lead to the problem. Therefore, you should restart your device to fix the system error. Therefore, hold down the power button to turn off your device. Then wait a few seconds. Then turn on your device.

Reset iPhone

Method 3: Reinstall WhatsApp

If you’ve tried the methods above, can not you fix this WhatsApp error yet? Then there are bugs in your WhatsApp. To solve these bugs and glitches, you should now reinstall WhatsApp.

Just open Google Play Store on the Android device or App Store on the iPhone. Check if the update from WhatsApp is available. If so, update the WhatsApp on your device directly. If not, uninstall your WhatsApp. Then download the latest version of WhatsApp and install the latest version of WhatsApp.

Method 4: Reset iOS

If these three methods also no longer work, you should now reset your iPhone. Before resetting, you should back up your iPhone because the device reset will remove all data and settings. With FonePaw iOS Backup & Restore, you can easily back up your iPhone to PC, such as contacts, messages, pictures, videos and so on.

1. First, open “Settings” on the iPhone or iPad.

2. After that, click on “General”> “Reset”> “Reset all settings and data”.

3. Then enter the password from the lock screen to confirm the reset.

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