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What to do if cell phone has fallen into the water

Summary : If your phone accidentally falls into the water, here are some of the simplest and most useful tips. With our tips, you can quickly save your phone to reuse your phone normally .

What to do if your phone has fallen into the water? Will your phone really break now and stop working? But do not worry! In most cases, you can still save your phone even though your phone was completely in the water.

What to do if cell phone has fallen into the water

Just read this article to save if your smartphone has fallen into the water.

Ultimate Solution: What to do if cell phone has fallen into the water?

Solution 1: Turn off your Hany and dry

After you have found your phone in the water, you should immediately take your smartphone out of the water.

OK. Then turn off your phone now . In that case, it will still be possible for your cell phone to be saved. If the battery of your mobile phone is removable, open the case of your mobile phone and remove the battery.

Turn off the phone and dry it

In general, the phone will break if the water makes the wiring wet . In this case, the chips and other parts in your phone may not work anymore.

Turning off the phone and allowing it to dry within 48 hours of exposure to water will make it possible for your phone to become usable.

Note : You do not have to stuff your phone into a glass of rice . However, if you fill your phone with a glass of rice, it is more likely that you will accidentally fill rice grains with your phone than with the drying process of the phone.

Solution 2: Repair the fallen cell phone

Normally you can now use your phone after the smartphone is dried. But it always happens by accident. If solution 1 can not help you, please read the solution here.

Unfortunately, the smartphone warranty can not guarantee damage from water or liquids . So you have to pay for this repair. In this case, we suggest that you contact the manufacturer.

Repair the fallen cell phone

Extra tip: What better way to protect your phone from the water?

OK. You have saved your phone even though your phone has completely fallen into the water.

Then I believe that you no longer want to meet this situation. Therefore, you can buy and use a waterproof case. With this case your phone will not get wet even though it has fallen into the water, like orange juice, sea water and so on.

Waterproof mobile phone case

Here we have two handy solutions to recommend you to save your phone when the smartphone has fallen into the water. If you find these tips useful, please share them with your friends!

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