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What is responsive design?

I am sure that more than once you will have read the term “responsive design” or responsive design and the question of what is responsive design assails you? As the answer is quite easy, it is a sensitive or adaptable design to the resolution with which the web page is displayed, that is, the elements of the web page are sorted and distributed automatically adapting to the resolution on the screen.

Why have a responsive design.

This type of design has gained a lot of strength in recent years due to mobile devices as they offer lower resolutions than desktop monitors. The idea is that when loading the web page, the user does not have to perform zoom actions (zoom in and out) to find the content, but simply scroll.

The idea in principle is good, since the other alternative so far was to offer two versions of our page for lower resolution mobile devices and another for desktop browsers. But everything that glitters is not gold, despite the fact that the idea is good, I have been able to verify that on many occasions having a responsive design needs a total redesign of our website. That is why I have wondered if it is really worth creating a responsive design.

Do I really need a responsive design?

This is the first question I have asked myself when verifying that Vozidea’s design is not responsive at all. The first thing I have done has been to analyze the mobile traffic of my website through Google Analitycs, which is a very low percentage, so in principle I think I am not interested in focusing on that aspect.

On the other hand, do not be fooled by these things, since there is a lot of false information that a responsive design improves SEO, which in my view is totally false. With a responsive design, what is improved is the user experience on mobile devices and that’s it, that’s it.

The theme of the web marks the need for a responsive design.

The theme of our website also influences the need or not of a responsive topic.

For example, if our website is focused on tutorials and administration guides of VPS servers or dedicated servers, responsive design does not make much sense, because these tutorials or guides will be accessed from our desktop PC when we are working with the servers.

If our website offers news or promotes product offers, responsive design becomes mandatory:

  • If our website offers news, this information is accessed anywhere and at any time, so it will be accessed from mobile devices.
  • If our website shows offers of some type of product, we are interested in a responsive design, so that when loading it on mobile devices the offer of our product appears on the screen and nothing else.

Responsive design, smoke to promote themes and templates.

In my opinion, responsive or adaptable design has achieved great fame due to web page developers and designers. Offering a responsive design seems to be mandatory in the current times or at least that is what designers sell us. How I said having a responsive design improves the user experience and is something we should have if our traffic volume from mobile devices is high.

In short, having a responsive design is something very positive, but always analyzing whether the investment really compensates us.

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