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What is nofollow in links and effects in SEO

The nofollow property is one of the rel HTML attribute values ??that tell us if an outbound link should be followed or visited by Google or not.

The links that have the nofollow value in the rel attribute will be outbound links ignored by Google and will not follow them. If a link does not have the nofollow value then it will be followed by the Google spider .

How is nofollow used in external links?

Using nofollow is very simple, you just have to add the nofollow value in the rel attribute using HTML code, for example:

  <a href="" rel="nofollow">Click Aqui</a> 

How do nofollow links affect SEO?

First of all you have to start talking about “link juice” . To understand what is the “link juice” we can make a comparison of our website with a big orange. Each of our items is a slice of orange and each slice has its corresponding share of juice or juice (link juice).

When we add an external link without the nofollow property, part of the juice of that slice of the orange goes to the web to which the external link points and this does not interest us , because we do not want to lose link juice.
For this reason it is important to use nofollow in external links when we add them in a WordPress article, because that way we keep the link juice on our website.

In many SEO articles they mention that it is advisable to add in each article an outbound link to an external web page without the nofollow attribute. But this external link is highly recommended to point to a web with authority, such as wikipedia or similar. Personally I try to use this technique not on all items, only about 50% and it seems to work.

Do I use the nofollow property on all links?

The answer is NO . You have to use nofollow in external links or in other words, in links that point to a web page that is not ours.

In the internal links, that is to say in the links that our web page has (for example, links of labels, categories, articles, etc …) it is not necessary to use nofollow , since in this case the juice link is distributed within our own web And we don’t lose it.

Nofollow property in WordPress links.

By default, when adding a link in WordPress through the visual editor does not add nofollow to the links, you must add the corresponding HTML code manually using the editor in text mode. Another alternative is to use a plugin that automatically adds nofollow to external links.

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