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What is Domain Authority and Page Authority

The terms DA and PA in SEO are used to refer to Domain Authority and Page Authority . In this article we will try to clarify what is Domain Authority and Page Authority to give meaning to these two terms so used today.

These two terms come from the company MOZ, which for those who do not know it, is a company that offers marketing and SEO analysis services. Due to the great influence of this company globally, it coined the two terms Domain Authority and Page Authority used today to assess the potential or authorship of a web page .

The MOZ company developed a plugin known as MozBar that works as a complement for FireFox or Chrome browsers and allows us to know the DA and PA metrics of each web page, this has also helped stabilize its own terms in the market.

These two terms I thought it important to talk about them since today they seem like the perfect substitutes for the old Google Pagerank that today has lost much of its value. In many cases, DA and PA are more indicative values ??than Pagerank, but I prefer not to speak of a Pagerank substitute but of complementary values ??to Pagerank.

What is Domain Authority and Page Authority?

The definition of the Domain Authority could be something like: metric that allows predicting the authorship or prestige of a web page and thus knowing the potential it has when it comes to positioning in search engines (Google mainly). The Domain Authority affects the domain itself, so it also influences the subdomains. The Page Authority is the same concept as that of the Domain Authority but applied to an individual page or article.

How is the Domain Authority and Page Authority calculated?

Both metrics are valued over 100 and their value is calculated using more than 40 aspects (according to the MOZ company). For this analysis of the factors, a machine-level learning model is used to predict the authorship of a website.

Two of the parameters used to calculate the DA and PA are MozRank and MozTrust , which as you can deduce have also been coined by the MOZ company and depend directly on the external links that point to a website.

MozRank looks at the number of external links on the web , which gives us an idea of ??the popularity of the web.
On the other hand is the MozTrust parameter that is set in the degree of trust offered by these external links . For example, the sites that are considered as a source of trust are government websites, websites of universities, public institutions, etc.

How to obtain the values ??of Domain Authority and Page Authority?

To obtain the values ??of DA and PA the easiest way is through the web in which we enter the domain or the URL of an article and returns the values ??DA and PA. Anyway, in a few days I will publish how to obtain the DA and PA values ??using the Mozscape API with code in C #.

How to improve Domain Authority and Page Authority?

This is the question that many of you will be asking yourself and as always there are many ways to achieve it, whether using Whitehat or Blackhat techniques. I cannot tell you step by step how to improve the DA and PA, but in the previous section I describe how these values ??are calculated and if we know how they are calculated, we only have to intervene in the influential variables to modify the DA and PA.

One of the influential variables is the number of external links and the degree of trust of the sites from which these links come , therefore getting links in .edu and .gov domains is a way to improve DA effectively. Increasing the number of external links that point to our website is also a way to increase the DA but this must be done with caution so as not to suffer penalties from Google.

To endÂ…

My recommendation is that you do not become obsessed with these values , nor that you think that a larger Domain Authority and Page Authority are synonymous with an increase in visits. This seems strange but we have the example here, the domain had values ??of DA = 19 and PA = 29 several months ago and had less than 100 daily views, currently has a DA = 15 and PA = 26 but visits are They have multiplied by five.

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