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What are VPS servers?

VPS is the acronym for Virtual Private Server , which in Spanish means Virtual Private Server . A VPS is obtained through some virtualization system by which a physical server can be divided into several virtual servers.

To understand it better, a VPS server in terms of power and resources would occupy the position between shared hosting and the dedicated server.

Advantages of a VPS server.

The advantage that this allows us is to have several independent virtual servers that work with their own operating system and can be restarted independently. This allows us to have full control over the server with root or administrator permissions.

Disadvantages of a VPS server.

The main drawback is that if the main physical server, container of all virtual servers is damaged or needs maintenance, all virtual servers will be inactive.
Another drawback is that some programs do not work well under virtual environments, but it is a very low percentage.

Differences between VPS and VDS.

Many times we talk about VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) which in theory is a virtualized environment but much more isolated than a VPS so it should have better performance. But you have to be careful with this, since there is no clear difference between both virtualization systems and many times it is used to confuse the buyer, since in reality what is sold are VPS.

What are the Managed and Unmanaged terms used by VPS vendors?

Many times when we buy a VPS server we see that the terms Managed (managed) and Unmanaged (unmanaged) appear. In the former, the hosting company itself is responsible for administration tasks that you request, such as installing Apache server or an FTP server. While in the Umanaged, the hosting does not manage any aspect of the server and will only intervene if there are hardware failures.

There is an intermediate term Semimanaged, which is really nothing more than hosting can or can not help you with administration tasks depending on their possibilities and time available, so this is a confusing term and is often used to do more appetizing the offer.

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