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What are TrackBacks and PingBacks in WordPress?

What are TrackBacks and PingBacks is one of the explanations that causes more confusion when reading information on the network. This is because the definition of each one is complex and many times instead of helping us understand that they are confusing us even more. For this reason I have decided to make this article to explain in the simplest way possible that are the TrackBacks and PingBacks .

There are differences between the two, but in reality its use and concept is the same, knowing the differences between TrackBacks and PingBacks is not necessary since it is entering a world of technicalities unnecessary for most Webmasters.

The concept to be clear is that both TrackBacks and PingBacks are methods of communication between blogs . This communication originates at the moment when a blog links the content of another blog .
This communication between blogs is done automatically and completely transparent to the user. Below we will show an example of how this communication between blogs works:

  • Manuel, administrator of a blog that offers information on plants and gardening, writes an article about the cactus’s resistance to cold.
  • MarĂ­a, a reader of Manuel’s blog, writes an article about outdoor plants and when she talks about cacti, adds a link to Manuel’s article.
  • When Maria publishes her article, the PingBack is automatically generated, notifying Manuel that its content has been linked.
  • Then if Manuel approves the PingBack or TrackBack, a comment will automatically be created in Manuel’s blog with a link to Maria’s blog.

In this way both blogs have established a communication and their content has been linked. But you have to be careful because this technique is sometimes used to spam so you have to check the PingBacks and TrackBacks before approving them.

Configure TrackBacks and PingBacks in WordPress

The PingBacks and TrackBacks that come to your WordPress blog can be seen on the home panel of the admin panel.

The settings of TrackBacks and PingBacks in WordPress can be found in: Settings – Comments.

You should keep in mind that these settings can be modified for each particular entry from the WordPress article editor.

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