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What are Free to Play games?

I had not played any video game for a long time and the other day I prepared to entertain myself for a while with some game, and the Free To Play games appeared, specifically I got hooked on the League Of Legends.

What are Free to Play games?

As many will imagine, they are games that can be played “free” and legal (without resorting to cracks, patches or medicines). I have put “free” in quotes, because as expected the games have some options or add-ons that you can get only if you buy them, but you can play for free without time or functionality limitations.

This genre has evolved a lot in recent years, even broadcasting television commercials. This mode of game market seems quite profitable, because sometimes with the sale of these extra accessories the game becomes easier or more fun or there are even cases of people who buy as a collector. At the moment PC titles stand out and it is the dominant platform, but there are already some Free To Play titles for PS3 and XBOX360.

Characteristics of Free To Play games

After trying several games, the common characteristic that unites them, is the possibility of interacting with your teammates, who are people from anywhere in the world, so they are practically all oriented to the online game (I don’t know if there is any Free To Play game that I’m not directed to play online with other people, I haven’t found any.)

This feature of being able to interact with real people, gives the game greater competitiveness, since it is not the same to play against artificial intelligence than against a person of flesh and blood. And in my opinion this competitiveness is what creates addiction to the game or that you want to play more, in fact, some of these games are called “online sport”, a somewhat risky definition.

We can find games in which there are competitions worldwide of great importance and that move very important money figures, an example is the game Free To Play with more members called League Of Legends.

In general, these games do not stand out for offering impressive graphics and three-dimensional environments with an extreme level of definition (as do some commercial games of a lifetime, which are based on offering great graphic detail and use it as a marketing tool) They stand out for their playability and entertainment. This has an advantage and is that the games reach more public because the minimum requirements of the games are lower compared to the requirements of the latest news in video games.

Finally I leave a list with the best known Free To Play titles, depending on the genre you like you can try one or the other:

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