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Trackers P2P as source of releases of the scene

Currently, P2P torrent trackers are the main path to the releases of the scene that finally end up on the link websites. These trackers are usually private or restricted access and the only way to access is to provide you with an invitation.

These trackers are characterized by having releases before link websites and downloading is done via torrent files with great download speed. Usually these trackers have some ratios that users must meet or if they do not risk being banned, since if they download a lot and share little they will delete their account.

Maintaining the ratio in some of these private trackers costs a bit at first, so a Seedbox or similar is necessary to be able to share files for longer at higher speeds and thus increase the ratio. A trick to maintaining a good ratio is to download the most recent and famous releases.

What is a Seedbox?

I used this word before and for many of you it may be something new. A seedbox consists of a hosting account that has a script or program installed to download and share torrent files at high speeds.

How to get invitations to these private P2P trackers?

Well, there is no easy way, the simplest is that you meet someone who has invitations and gives you one. On the other hand there are forums where invitations are given to these trackers, but they are usually scarce and not for the best trackers. Another way is to use the existing underground invitation market, since there are users who sell the invitations, varying their price depending on the tracker.

Which P2P trackers are the best?

I would dare to say that currently two trackers dominate the landscape: SCC (Sceneaccess) and TL (Torrentleech) . The invitations are relatively easy to get, in the underground market you can easily find them.
Anyway there are decent trackers who do not need invitation, it is a matter of research. I leave a list with a lot of trackers here and a forum where to get invitations can be this .

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