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Top alternatives to VirusTotal

Today VirusTotal could be considered the best antivirus online but if for some reason you can not or want to use it here we present two alternatives to VirusTotal totally free .

Making the competition to VirusTotal is not something simple, even from Vozidea we rate it as the best free online antivirus of 2013 . The giant Google is behind this antivirus which gives quality guarantees and is therefore widely used and recognized worldwide.

Alternatives to VirusTotal

Finding pages similar to VirusTotal has not been a simple task and much less finding ones that offer a minimum of quality and guarantees in the reports. The alternative antivirus to VisrusTotal are the following:

Metascan online

It is an online antivirus developed by the OSWAP company and of all the alternatives presented in this article this is my favorite and to which I find it further. Metascan online offers a service similar to VirusTotal and allows us to analyze files up to 80 MB. At the time of writing the article has support for 40 antivirus among them many of recognized prestige such as AVG, Avira, BitDefender, ESET, F-Prot, Kaspersky, McAfee, Symantec, TrendMicro, etc …

How could it be less? Metascan also offers an API for developers that even allows you to directly scan files stored in the cloud under services such as DropBox, Amazon S3, etc …

Other important aspect is that it allows you to search by file hash without having to send the files that we want to scan to the Metascan servers, although this obviously will only give us results if someone has previously scanned that same file. It supports a large number of compressed files such as zip, rar, jar, arj, gzip, bzip, etc …

As for the user interface, it is very clean and easy to use as well as being available in different languages ??(including Spanish).


This other alternative does not have an interface as worked as Metascan or VirusTotal but VirSCAN performs the work for which it was developed correctly. You can send files up to a size of 20 MB and supports analysis of compressed files (rar or zip) containing up to 20 files.

VirSCAN offers 37 antivirus engines to detect viruses or malicious files. In this case it does not offer us any API or analysis of remote files stored in the cloud, so the functionality is more restricted than that of its competitors but it does not cease to be a good alternative to VirusTotal.

Final summary

After several tests I can say that both alternatives are reliable although Metascan offers a friendlier interface and wider functionality, so it is closer to the real competitor of VirusTotal . What is true is that either of the two alternatives can be useful to us and it doesn’t hurt to know them.

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