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The demands to XenForo resolved and its development continues

In a previous article we analyzed what forum system to choose? and when we talked about XenForo, we commented that they were having legal problems with another company, the one in charge of developing the vBulletin forum system, but finally a ruling has been issued in favor of XenForo and the development of this outstanding forum system continues.

We remember that the developers and founders of XenForo, were the main developers of vBulletin 3 and left the company to develop XenForo. After a while, legal problems were communicated that prevented XenForo from continuing to develop as long as no sentence was issued, so XenForo was in an uncertain future.

XenForo becomes important in front of its competitors.

This Thursday has passed sentence and now XenForo will continue its development without problems, so it has a very promising future .

I thought it was great news, because the path that vBulletin follows in its version 5 is very bad and now they make XenForo the best alternative for a forum system together with Invision Power Board (IPB).

You can already see XenForo working in some active communities and with a large number of users such as DigitalPoint who have gone to XenForo and it is not surprising, because after my tests I have seen it work fast, with a clear interface and a forum system, Permissions and organization very clear.

With this news I hope that the developer community that is currently not as large as that of other forum systems is growing, but we must also bear in mind that it has been less time in the market.

In case anyone is interested, I comment that until March 11 the license price is reduced to $ 110, which is a very attractive price compared to $ 175 of IPB or $ 249 of vBulletin.

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