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The best domain registration website

Domain registration websites also known as “Registrars” in English, are websites that allow us to register our own domain name. Many times I have considered writing this article, but I always had my doubts about what to recommend or what not to recommend. After a few years registering domains in different registrars and having pages with different types of content I think it is time to give some advice to choose the appropriate domain registrar .

The first thing to keep in mind is that there is no “better” registrar, but there is a registrar that will better fit the needs of each. In this article I will talk about perhaps the most famous and some not so famous, among them I will talk about , , , and .

To register domains for business websites or legale s, we use in principle any of the named registration companies, so you have to find which of them offers the best price. For this it is highly recommended to visit the websites (since there may be promotions), compare prices and at the same time search the web for discount coupons for these companies that can allow us to save money.

Personally for business websites in which the content is completely legal, I use Namecheap (in the past, GoDaddy as well) since I usually find good discount coupons. As for the interface when it comes to managing domains I like Namecheap more, it seems more complete and with Whois protection (so that it does not reveal your personal data) free the first year and at an affordable price the renewal in the coming years. Although if we find at that time a better offer at any of the other domain registrars (,, or we should take advantage of the discount.

Important recommendations when choosing a domain registrar.

Secondly, when it comes to registering domain names for websites with legal content , but that the domain name refers to some brand and that can sometimes cause problems, especially if registrars located in the USA such as Namecheap or GoDaddy are used. In this case I directly recommend getting the domain in and at the same time if there are great chances of having problems do not use the domain with extension .com or .net since they can close it without prior notice.

When it comes to registering domains for warez websites or with adult content , my first recommendation is not to use domains with a .com or .net extension, since it is easier to block it. In this case you should never use Namecheap, or GoDaddy as they block the domain if they receive any complaints. For websites with warez content is again a good option but taking into account that you should avoid .com or .net extensions since they are not reliable for this type of websites.

As for the interface for configuration of domains and options available Namecheap is the one I like and the most complete, followed by Godaddy and the rest are similar.

My personal experience has been good with all of them, I currently use Namecheap, but in the past I had a forum in which a user published a copyrighted content (warez content) and Namecheap blocked my domain until I deleted that content from my website , the same has happened to me with GoDaddy, not to mention that GoDaddy supports each and every one of the stupid laws that claim to censor internet content, so I have never bought a domain in Godaddy again.

In short, there are many domain registrars, but if you want quality, any of the ones I name in the article is good, you just have to find the best price and the one that best suits your needs.

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