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Test different resolutions on website

When we design a web page we must try different resolutions , since our design is developed in a certain resolution (that of our design team monitor) and then when it comes to putting the project online there may be surprises with users who use other resolutions.

Another more current need is born with mobile devices that are increasingly used to access the internet and sometimes it is necessary to test the lower resolutions of these devices to check if our design is maintained correctly and if not, can correct the faults.

This task of testing several resolutions can be carried out in several ways, but the ones I find most comfortable and with the best results are the ones I show below.

Test resolutions on online website with Screenfly.

Screenfly is a website that offers us an online tool to test different resolutions with a couple of clicks. It is a very complete and really good application. It allows us to quickly exchange resolutions, includes resolutions from different monitors, tablets, smartphones and even allows us to adjust test dimensions that we choose. Another option that I liked is that it allows you to rotate the screen, to simulate the turns we can make on smartphones for example.

The tool is completely free and has no trace of privacy, so it is very advisable and professional.

Test resolutions on the web page with the Chrome extension called Resolution Test.

It is an extension that must be installed in our Chrome browser and is already functional. It is a very complete extension, but it only allows us to test the resolution from Chrome so I prefer Screenfly, I find it more comfortable.

Test resolution performance with Google Analitycs.

Sometimes it is not only necessary to test the resolution so that the design is correct, but also to show the information we want with the highest priority.

In Google Analitycs they offer us a tool that you can access from:

Standard reports> Content> Page analytics.

This application offers interesting information about the percentages of clicks that are in the different links of our website, as well as the areas that are visible in most browsers. This allows us to optimize the position of our content to make it more user friendly.

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