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Tango, messaging and video calling application

I bring Tango an alternative to WhatsApp very remarkable. This messaging application allows you to make video calls and send text messages for free. With Tango you can communicate with friends and family without spending a euro, you just need to have the data rate on your smartphone or tablet.

Tango characteristics.

It also allows you to send photos and videos with your friends. Voice calls have an acceptable quality, since the quality will depend on the type of connection and coverage at the time of the call between the parties.

The application is free and can be downloaded directly from Google Play for our Android device. It also has versions for iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and PC so you can communicate from almost any device. The only problem will be found by Linux and MAC users since there is currently no application available.

The program is very simple to use , use our agenda to add to our contacts and the application already has more than 100 million users.

Tango needs 14 MB to be able to be installed on our Android device and how all messaging programs battery consumption increases considerably.

It has emoticons and animations to make our messages and chats more enjoyable.

Something to keep in mind, at least for users in Spain, is that most companies (Vodafone, Movistar, Yoigo, Orange, etc.) block calls via VozIP from smartphone data rates , so it may be Do not work on our mobile device using the data rate. But we can use a Wi-Fi connection to a domestic network with internet and in this case we can make calls, but obviously with this we lose “mobility”.

In summary, Tango is a great messaging application that supports video, voice and text . It has gained many users lately and is an option that you have to follow closely.

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