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Sweet Home, Nintendo 8-bit terror

I love the horror genre – especially in video games – and I consider myself lucky to have lived what was his birth and settlement as a genre in this world. Witness of that stage that, in my opinion, begins with the success of Resident Evil in 1996 and ends with the departure of Forbidden Siren in 2003. While it is true that there were many other games and subsequent sequels and that many pioneers tried to take the terror to our consoles, today we will talk about Sweet Home .

The terrifying videogame Sweet Home was released in 1989 for NES by Capcom , coinciding in date with the film of the same name. In fact, both products share the same launch trailer. His story tells how a group of reporters enters Mamiya Ichirou’s abandoned mansion to shoot a documentary. They will soon discover that they are trapped without a chance to escape, because the mansion is cursed by Mamiya’s spirit and since then other creepy creatures inhabit it (uhhhhh …) .

Entering the Sweet Home mansion designed by Capcom.

The technical limitations of the moment do not allow to display large and distressing horror scenes, so the game is designed as an exploration RPG with 2D graphics . While we investigate the different rooms of the mansion, to solve puzzles or deactivate traps, the view will be aerial and will change the first person in the moments of combat, which will arise randomly and whose development will be in turns.

So far, Sweet Home would not go beyond being an RPG more than its time; But the truth is that Capcom paid enough attention to detail to differentiate his game. Many of the enemies have a design that sought to scare the player, such as with skeletons that hang traces of rotten meat and tattered clothes or zombies that lack an eye. The mansion’s own design is also very dreary: we will find rooms with blood, children’s coffins, corpses, etc. Also the melodies chosen help to achieve the goal of creating an atmosphere of restlessness, being some calm and others more intense, without ever abandoning its terrifying look.

The mechanics of a classic Nintendo RPG but with unique qualities.

Its gameplay and mechanics are not far behind. They are designed to generate constant tension in the player, with quite novel elements by then that contribute to intensify that disturbing aura that characterizes the game, without turning terror as such into a mere element of the stage relegated to mere comparsa. Our group of reporters is made up of five people that we can move independently, either in two groups or all together. Each has its own skills, knowledge and an object. This enriches the variety of traps and puzzles that we must solve, either by dividing the group or by using the right character for it.

However, the mechanic that works best in Sweet Home as a horror game is the untouchable death of our characters: if one of them exhausts his life in a combat or falls into a deadly trap, we will not be able to revive him and, of course, we will lose the possibility to use their unique abilities. This allows the game to have several different endings depending on the number of survivors with whom we end the game .

Download the Sweet Home translation and start playing.

I cannot finish without recommending Sweet Home to any horror or RPG lover, since it is a unique experience even thirty years later. Do not be afraid that it is RPG, since its duration does not exceed ten hours. Add also, that the game did not leave Japanese lands, but currently has translation to English and even Spanish.

The Sweet Home translation has gone through several stages and although there are several patches on the web, I can personally only recommend the translations featured in Romhacking that I show you below.

The translation of the game went through a first stage, in which the original English translation created by Mingus and Musashi was released . This translation resulted in a new, more polished one that we can download at .

Starting from the English translation, a new Spanish translation appeared that allows us to enjoy this wonderful game in our language. The Spanish translation was created by Wave and you can download it from .

For those of you who are new to the world of ROM translations, you will need a program called Lunar IPS to apply the patch to the original ROM. The patches have a .ips extension and need to be applied to the original ROM. Finally, you can play ROM translated in emulators such as RetroArch or Higan .

You can do an integrity check of your original ROM and verify that it returns:

  • CRC32: 40803bc5
  • MD5: 49dd966e8a0e17bae16bc3d393c9d742
  • SHA1: 54bfe479c12247e8b9996c6c5f331977035e1276

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