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Submarine Attack from Master System, deep shooter

The SEGA Master System is a console that holds several high quality shooters within its generation, big names like R-Type, Power Strike or Sagaia for example. However, this Submarine Attack has been left in the background and few know it.

The Metamorphic Creature has once again captured citizens of Balderia, who had not yet recovered from their last encounter with the monster four years ago! Guide Admiral Mikan through the dangers of the deep waters to the enemy complex, and help him destroy the monster.

With this little synopsis, which could be a little better told the truth, the game box offered us a small context that justified the adventure we were going to live by inserting the cartridge into our beloved Master System. The front cover of the game already told us that we would be at the controls of a blue submarine to navigate the dangerous ocean depths.

Submarine Attack, shoot torpedoes and make your way through the dangers of the deep.

In Submarine Attack we take control of a submarine and must shoot numerous enemies to break through phases with automatic scrolling; that develop, of course, in an aquatic environment. Despite this setting, the variety of enemies is commendable and we must face other submarines, ships or human helicopters; but also to sea creatures and the occasional surprise.

Simple arsenal of weapons, but with the possibility of improving it with enhancers.

At the end of each of the six phases a final boss will wait for us that we have to defeat to advance to the next one, where the difficulty will be greater. It is not a complicated game, but not easy , and at the end of the game allows us to start again with greater difficulty. A detail that increases the difficulty at the beginning of the game is that the submarine cannot move backwards, just wait for the stage to progress, which makes it very difficult to dodge enemies. As soon as we get an enhancer with the letter “S” (usually appear to destroy the pink boats) , we will get more speed and it will be easier to dodge bubbles, objects and enemy fire.

The controls are simple and precise, with the crosshead we move our ship, with one button we shoot and with the other we will use the secondary weapon that will vary according to the improvements that we are acquiring in the phase. On the other hand, it has beautiful graphics, very colorful for this console and it shows that they have been treated with some care and detail.

Contrary to what one would expect, the six levels have varied scenarios and settings to develop underwater with underwater cities, caverns or enemy facilities for example. Its sound section is also of great quality, especially for this console, I personally do not feel passionate about its melodies; but I cannot say that they are bad or that they do not fulfill their task of setting the action on the screen.

Emulating the Submarine Attack ROM of SEGA Master System (SMS).

I have tried the ROM in its European version, as it seems to be the only one that has been properly dumped. Anyway, the game is in English , although it is not that it has much more text than the main menu.

The features of the cartridge dump are:

  • Size (bytes) : 262144
  • CRC32: D8F2F1B9

Emulators such as RetroArch are capable of emulating Submarine Attack perfectly, using any of the Master System cores.

Do I get on the submarine or not?

Submarine Attack, although it was developed by SEGA itself, was quickly forgotten in favor of other sagas with more fame or more attractive settings; but if you like this type of game, you should give it a try because you sure love it.

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