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Sublime Text 2 a great multiplatform editor

It’s time to talk about Sublime Text 2 , a small large multiplatform editor with excellent functionality and a clean and very comfortable user interface.

General characteristics of Sublime Text 2

It is an editor programmed in Python and C ++ with unique features that make it a very versatile and flexible tool when editing any type of text document. It has nothing to envy to commercial publishers since it is very complete.

It is not a free editor, but the author of SublimeText 2 allows its use without restrictions or limitations, but remember that it is necessary to obtain a license if you are going to use it continuously. Anyway, we can try it indefinitely since it does not have any type of limitation, although the ideal would be to buy a license if it is going to be used professionally.

Visual themes in Sublime Text 2

One of the features of this editor are the visual themes, which you can change between one or the other by selecting the one that is most comfortable for your view and lighting conditions. In addition to visual themes, as the editor also supports syntax coloring, it allows us to select various combinations of fonts and colors in order to make it more comfortable to look at.

This that in principle seems silly, in reality it is not so much, because if we work in a room with poor lighting, a white background can dazzle us which can end up damaging our eyes, so it is not just that the editor is “Beautiful” but comfortable in our eyes.

I recommend installing the visual theme Soda which in my opinion is one of the most recommended and comes with two versions, a “Light” (with light tones) and another “Dark” (with dark tones).
Theme Soda page for Sublime Text 2:

Autocomplete and syntax coloring

The autocomplete code was something that surprised me, because I expected a seemingly simple program to support this function. But what surprised me most was that it supports autocomplete for more than 40 programming languages. I have tried it with CSS, PHP, HTML, Python, Perl and C # files, and I must say that it is very complete, I have not encountered any problems.

As expected, it also supports syntax coloring, which makes code reading easier.

Multiple selection and column selection

The multiple selection seemed to me to be very useful and that greatly speeds up the code editing, consists in being able to select the same text several times in order of occurrence. I find it difficult to explain it better with words, but at the end of this article you will find a section with resources where you can find guides and videos to learn how to use SublimeText 2.

The column selection allows us to perform selections vertically, which can sometimes be very useful for editing on several lines simultaneously.

SublimeText2 API for plugins allows an extremely customizable editor

One of the features that I like most is that it offers users an API with which to build their own plugins. There is also a fairly active community around Sublime Text 2, so you can find a multitude of plugins ready for use and that add extra functionality.

The program also offers a console that interprets python code, so we can do almost everything our imagination allows us to use this programming language.


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