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Street Fighter 2 for Super Nintendo

With Street Fighter 2 for Super Nintendo we start the new gameplays section of classic games. This great fighting game for the Super Nintendo platform (SNES) was a great success. The title we analyzed in the gameplay is Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior of Super Nintendo .

Analyzing the gameplay of Street Fighter 2 for Super Nintendo.

The game is running under a Super Nintendo PC emulator and from what you can see it works very smoothly and with hardly any errors or visual defects. As for the sound more of the same, well synchronized and without defects.

In this gameplay the player sets the difficulty level at 7 , which is the most difficult level, at the beginning of the video you can see (in the second 14).

The controls are handled by a fairly skilled player, with enough practice, you at the same time you have trouble getting that handling but if you like the game there is no problem.

The chosen character is Ryu (very similar to Ken), this character has the advantage of having ranged attacks as well as close up. If you are new to the game Ryu or Ken are the best choices to learn to play.

Street Fighter 2 fights for Super Nintendo.

  • The first battle against Ken can be seen as some elements of the stage can be broken, in the case of this scenario are some barrels.
  • Then comes the fight against the sumo wrestler Honda, where it is seen that Ryu has no difficulty coping with it, because Honda has no ranged attacks and Ryu with staying away from the melee fight and carrying out ranged attacks easily wins.
  • Next we have the fight against Dhalsim, in this case Ryu presses his opponent and looks for the melee fight, because Dhalsim is a very effective fighter if you fight at a distance since his basic attacks have great reach.
  • Guile’s next opponent is very similar in terms of abilities to Ryu and Ken, but their handling differs quite a bit from the previous two.
  • After beating Guile we enter a bonus phase where we have to break all the bricks before time runs out. The trick is to use the high and strong kick all the time.
  • In the fight against Zangief the distances must be maintained since Zangief is a melee fighter without distance attacks except for a flying kick of limited range.
  • After the fight against Zangief is Blanka’s turn, in my opinion one of the most complicated fighters to control, but when we face him we can see that Ryu defeats him easily.
  • It is Chun Li’s turn, a fighter who makes great leaps and with good mobility. In this installment of Street Fighter is the only female fighter.

The last four fighters, who can not be selected in the menu of characters to fight with them, we leave them as a surprise in the video or for those who want to play the video game. I hope you enjoy this classic video game a lot.

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