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StartupEngine, the CMS to create startups

Sometimes you find yourself somewhat curious projects on the net, as is the case with CMS StartupEngine . This CMS is born from the idea that when a startup is created a barrier does not appear when it comes time to create the website. Entrepreneurs can find a strong ally in StartupEngine if they manage it.

In my opinion, StartupEngine offers nothing that we cannot find in other CMS, but it is an option to consider if the other options do not convince us. It is a CMS with its lights and its shadows and that is what we will be detailing below.

StartupEngine, a simple and functional CMS.

What I liked about StartupEngine is that it is an open source project, which can be found on GitHub . Behind the idea of ??creating a startup, StartupEngine was born with the intention of offering an intuitive CMS for all types of users , even those with very limited computer skills. In this way, every startup can have its website in a short time and without the need for great resources.

The idea a priori is good and its functionalities are quite complete, among them we find:

  • We can create landing pages quickly and easily.
  • We have an API that allows us to integrate our website with third-party services .
  • It allows the creation and editing of all types of content to have the elementary parts of a business website (blog, faq, documentation, help page, etc.).
  • It has a very intuitive interface to manage users and their roles .
  • It offers a workflow with version control under Git.

As for the technology we found behind StartupEngine, we see that it uses PHP and JavaScript. More specifically, it uses the Laravel framework for the development of CMS, which at least gives us security guarantees.

We must recognize that the template and the default design is elegant, and can even develop our own theme if we wish. Here we will find a great inconvenience, if we have to design our own theme, the main objective that was to offer simplicity is already lost.

Conclusions and personal opinion on StartupEngine.

From my personal point of view, StartupEngine does not offer anything that WordPress does not offer. Moreover, I would say that the installation of WordPress is much simpler and more affordable than the installation of StartupEngine. I say this because its main deployment system is through the Heroku service, which can be a greater barrier at the time of its use.

After researching and thoroughly testing this CMS, I have the feeling that it is a merely anecdotal project and whose space is already covered by other tools. I thought that its ease of use would make a difference, but nothing could be further from the truth, I think that its use and implementation ends up being as complex as in other CMS.

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