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Solution to problems after upgrading to WordPress 3.5

Many users are having problems after installing WoordPress 3.5 update on their blogs due to certain incompatibilities.

How to solve problems of the Visual and Text editor in WordPress 3.5 update.

The most common problem is that the tabs of the Text editor or Visual editor stop working correctly. This is due in principle to some incompatibility of any installed plugin or your own theme.

The solution is to deactivate the plugins one by one and test whether the editor works correctly, in order to find the plugin that gives us problems and deactivate it until they update it.

If after deactivating all plugins and clearing cookies and browser cache, it continues to give problems, we can begin to think that the problem can be caused by our theme. To verify it, we temporarily activate the new Twenty Twelve theme and check if the problems persist. If after activating the Twenty Twelve theme the errors disappear, we already know with certainty that it is our theme that is failing and will have to update it.

I must also clarify the issue of “Link Management”, as many users thought it disappeared after updating to this new version but it is not. The link manager disappears in new WordPress installations, if you upgrade from a version earlier than 3.5, the link manager and the Blogroll widget are retained.

General recommendations before updating.

  • Make a backup of files and database, it is very important.
  • WordPress has updated with the latest APIs and Frameworks (TinyMCE, jQuery, jQuery UI, jCrop, and SimplePie), and may conflict with some plugin or your theme if they make use of old versions of any of these APIs / Frameworks.
  • Before updating WordPress, update your plugins and your theme to its latest version. It is also advisable to check if your theme is compatible with the new version before updating by contacting the developer or testing in a test blog.
  • In my opinion, if you need the new features of WordPress 3.5 urgently, I would wait a reasonable time before updating (until they take the next revision) to allow time for plugin and theme developers to update their codes.

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