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Save for Web Photoshop uses incorrect colors

Many times when we use the Photoshop option “Save for Web and devices…” the saved image has the wrong colors or at least it does not have the same colors that were shown on the screen.

This problem comes from the profiles and how Adobe Photoshop manages the color, which can bring us problems or some disgust.

Before talking about how to solve the problem, we have to keep in mind that when we save an image, it can be embedded with a color profile, if the image is opened by a program with support for that color profile, it will be shown with correct colors but the problem is that some browsers do not support profiles and images will be displayed with the wrong colors. Currently Safari and FireFox support color profiles, but if we want to use a color profile in our images the recommended one is the sRGB profile since it is compatible with most browsers and used by default.

The best solution for saving images with Photoshop and that colors are maintained in all browsers correctly, is to avoid using embedded profiles but at the same time you have to have the workspace properly configured in Photoshop before starting work.

Steps to configure Photoshop to manage color correctly with the Save for Web option:

  1. We go to the menu Edit> Color settings (Shift + Ctrl + K) and change the profile of the workspaces so that we select RGB Monitor (see the following image to see how the settings would be).
  2. The second step is to configure the test colors in the View menu > Test Settings and selecting RGB Monitor (see attached image).
  3. Once you have selected the test settings, you have to configure Photoshop to use them on the screen and show us the colors with those test settings. For this we go to the View menu and select Test Colors (Ctrl + Y) to be displayed on the screen (see attached image).

With the previous steps we are already working with safe colors when saving them, but when using the “Save for Web and devices…” option, the “Convert sRGB” option should be deactivated if it were active.

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