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SASM an IDE for cross-platform ASM

Today’s opensource application is a simple cross-platform IDE to write assembly code quickly and without much hassle to configure the program. SASM is one of the few IDEs for ASM that exists as such.

While it is true that many say that an IDE is not necessary to write code in ASM, it is also true that sometimes the same task can be done in a simpler way using a simple IDE such as SASM.

SASM an IDE for cross-platform ASM.

The main advantage of this assembly IDE is its simplicity and it works both under Linux or Windows. With it, we can write code with the help of syntax highlighting in the NASM, MASM, GAS and FASM assembly languages . The colors used are customizable being able to choose those to which we are more accustomed.

The graphic interface of the IDE is written with the QT libraries and puts at our disposal a graphic environment in which we can open different tabs. This interface is also able to show us the errors produced during the compilation, as well as the value of the records and the variables using the debugger / debugger GDB.

Another interesting functionality of this IDE is that it allows the use of breakpoints to facilitate code debugging. In the “Settings” menu we can access the “Build” tab where we can configure the type of architecture (x86 or x64) , the assembler (NASM, MASM, GAS and FASM) and the linker (GCC by default) .

At the moment it is available in two languages, English and Russian. SASM is completely free and open source, we also find the source code available on GitHub . We can also download a portable version of SASM for Windows from the official website , which is always appreciated.

Finally, we have a simple but very interesting application for those who start programming in ASM, although it could be replaced by a text editor combined with some plugin to debug ASM.

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