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Remove Chrome malware with Software Removal Tool

Many users suffer from malware infections and these infections can be very annoying. One of the main objectives of malware is browsers as they are programs that run daily and in which users interact continuously. In this article we will use the Google Software Removal Tool to remove malware from Chrome .

The most common malware infections in Google Chrome usually show some toolbar, pop-up windows, advertising banners are displayed or even add links to offers. To infect us it is not necessary to run any application on our operating system, just install some extension or add-on for Chrome and we will already be infected. For this reason Google provides users with the Google Software Removal Tool application for free.

How to remove Chrome malware with Software Removal Tool

Google has launched Software Removal Tool to remove malware from our operating system, for now it only supports Windows (I doubt it reaches other operating systems).

Its operation is very simple, we just have to run the application and try to find malware in our operating system. If after scanning you do not find any type of infection, it will give us as a last option to return the Chrome installation to its original state , eliminating all extensions and restoring the default values ??of Chrome settings. This makes Software Removal Tool an option to remove Chrome malware easily and quickly.

When you restore Chrome to its original state with this application, keep in mind that you will lose your bookmarks, history, etc … so it may be useful to synchronize your browser data with a Google account previously.

It seems to me a great success on the part of Google that allocates resources to combat something as annoying and dangerous as malware, in fact I think it is a measure that should have been taken long ago. Even so, Google does not lose the opportunity to collect data from our operating system (CPU, windows version, etc …), I don’t know if it does so in order to combat malware more effectively or if it does so for commercial purposes.

Download Google Software Removal Tool:

At the moment the application is in beta and only available in English, although it is so simple that anyone can use it and also does not require installation .

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