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Remote desktop solutions in Linux

Many times in a VPS there is a need to have a remote desktop on the server that facilitates administration tasks. There are several remote desktop solutions in Linux with which to be able to remotely and visually manage our VPS or dedicated server.

In this article I will talk about my two favorite solutions to have a remote desktop. I could not say which of the two is a better solution, but if I can say that both are good options and if it was I who had to choose, I would choose the one that is easier to install in the chosen operating system.

Remote desktop solutions in Linux.

NoMachine (FreeNX)

NX technology allows us to make very fast remote connections with better response times than classic VNC connections so they are one of the best alternatives to use with remote desktops. This technology was developed by the NoMachine company but it was released and there are free versions like FreeNX.

NoMachine offers the remote desktop client for free what has limitations is the server, so in most guides on how to install NoMachine / FreeNX, what they show us is how to install FreeNX as a server and then on our PC they usually install the NoMachine official customer.

I have used this technology in VPS with few resources under the CentOS operating system and I must say that it is a highly recommended application, there is hardly any latency and the remote desktop responds quickly and smoothly. The drawback I find is that the installation can be a bit confusing on some Linux operating systems, but if you get a detailed step-by-step guide, there’s no problem.


It is a remote desktop client that I liked a lot, I tried it because it is already installed and ready to use on Kimsufi OVH servers, in fact they offer the operating system with X2GO already installed, the user only needs to install and configure the client in Your PC I have used this technology for a long time and I must say that it is excellent, it has nothing to envy to NX technology (NoMachine / FreeNX).

The great advantage of X2GO is that both server and client are totally free. After having tried X2GO I can say that it is my first choice of remote desktop if the operating system allows it.

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