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RegexBuddy regular expression tool

I have rarely written about payment programs because I almost always found free alternatives that met my needs, but in this case, RegexBuddy seemed like a good investment and its price is not very high (€ 29.95) considering that it is a tool which increases your productivity when programming regular expressions .

RegexBuddy the best regular expression tool

Many times I have had to resort to regular expressions when programming applications and I always had the problem of how to test that regular expression to see that it worked as I expected and that it would not give me problems.

In my beginnings with the programming, I made auxiliary programs in which to test the regular expression, so as not to have to compile my main project again and again, nor add junk code to make a simple test.
Recently I discovered this wonderful tool RegexBuddy, for me it is the definitive tool in terms of regular expressions. It allows you to write regular expressions for more than 10 different programming languages ??and try these regular expressions in the application itself .

The regular expressions test is the main use I give to this application, but it has many more interesting options that I also use quite frequently.

RegexBuddy allows you to create regular expressions automatically based on “tokens” (tokens) with a few clicks, which helps newbies and not-so-newbies. It includes a library where you can save your regular expressions and by default it incorporates a large number of regular expressions ready for use.

The application also includes a tool similar to the “Grep” of Linux systems, only that this Grep works on Windows and with a graphical interface (unlike the Linux Grep that works in console mode). With this Grep application, we can search with regular expressions content in several files by selecting a folder (giving the option to include all subfolders in the search) or search content in a single file. The application goes further, as it not only allows searching, but also allows massive replacements of text strings, which is really useful on certain occasions.

In conclusion, if you are a programmer and you frequently use regular expressions do not hesitate, RegexBuddy is your tool.

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