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Problems after upgrading to WordPress 3.7

Well, a few hours ago the update is available and the first problems appear after updating to WordPress 3.7 .

The first error that we have on record happens when it is updated through the WordPress updater itself, and it consists in that It shows the wrong version showing “Welcome to WordPress 3.8” instead of putting 3.7 which is the correct version . We rectify, apparently the error was not translation but updated to version 3.8 alpha, we do not know if the error is corrected so do not update for now.

This reminds that it only happens if the update is done by the WordPress control panel over an earlier version . If we do a clean installation from scratch this error does not occur.

Recommendations to avoid problems when updating to WordPress 3.7.

For those of you who are going to update now, I will give you the usual recommendations:

  • Check in a test blog that your theme is compatible with this version.
  • In the same test blog try the plugins that you have installed.
  • Make a backup (backup) of your blog (both files and database) before updating. This is very important, never update without having made a backup before.
  • I recommend patience and not update for a few days, it is always safer to wait for others to try it.

The news of version 3.7 does not seem so important to me to update immediately, since from what I could see it does not bring any security improvement, only the function that evaluates if a password is complex enough before using it, but for That function is better to use common sense.

As you update to version 3.7, you can comment on errors and problems that have arisen.

Edition (October 28, 2013) :

A bug has been found in the wp_list_categories() function with the exclude parameter, the solution can be found at the following link:

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