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Pier Solar and the Great Architects best RPG Mega Drive

I had to tell you about this masterpiece for SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis launched in 2010, yes, you read that right in 2010. Pier Solar and the Great Architects is considered one of the best RPGs for Mega Drive and for many They simply rate it as the best Mega Drive RPG . The game was launched by the company Water Melon in 2010 in a 64 Megas cartridge, which makes it the largest game for Sega Mega Drive / Genesis. An extension for MegaCD is also available that allows you to improve the audio.

The origins of Pier Solar and the Great Architects.

This project was born in the Mega Drive Homebrew community known as Eidolons’s Inn , where the project began under the name of “The Tavern” . The project advanced until it had a quite evolved game engine but it would end up being abandoned, until a new group formed by 8 people and helped by the community, continued the development of the game forming the Water Melon company that markets this game today.

Pier Solar and the Great Architects the best Mega Drive / Genesis RPG.

This RPG is considered by many the best RPG in history for Mega Drive and I personally share that opinion, although there will be many opinions.

Aspects of sound in Pier Solar and the Great Architects.

Without a doubt, it is one of the most outstanding sections of the game, since the melodies provide a great atmosphere in each scenario and for the different situations that we can find.

Graphic section of Pier Solar and the Great Architects.

This is perhaps the least notable section of the game, but I do not mean that it is bad, since it still has a great graphic quality, but it is true that other games such as Soleil or Ristar, have a better graphic advantage. Anyway, the game shows its full potential in the CRT tube screens that were in the era of the Mega Drive, so this section should not be qualified from visualizations on more modern monitors.

Game methodology

As in many other games of the same genre, the fighting is in turn and randomly generated, but something that I liked is that they appear very measured and do not become so continuous that they can even become fed up (as it happens in some RPG).

The combat system is quite simple and intuitive and we will have countless areas to explore and secondary characters to interact with. It is also full of challenges and secondary puzzles that extend the duration of the game and fun.

The story of the game

There are three versions of Pier Solar, one of them includes the Spanish language, which allows you to enjoy 100% of the history. The game introduces us to three characters, all of them children, who will embark on a great adventure. The main characters are three:

  • Hoston : a young botanist who demonstrates great courage in trying to save his father from a deadly disease.
  • Alina : an adopted young girl who accompanies Hoston in her adventures since she is a great friend, even throughout the game she considers Hoston and Eddesot (the other main character) as her own brothers.
  • Edessot : is a young inventor and scientist who will live with Hoston and Alina a great adventure.

Personal opinion on Pier Solar and the Great Architects.

Well, what can I say, it’s a great game, one of the best I’ve played for Mega Drive / Genesis. If you are fans of the Mega Drive it is a must buy.

Those who have just been curious to try this RPG, you can try to play with a SEGA Mega Drive emulator , but of those I’ve tried the only one that worked for me is RetroArch . As for how to get the ROM of Pier Solar and the Great Architects, I can’t say how or where but Google always helps. I recommend that you get the ROM version that brings the language in Spanish and to enjoy it 100% always the original game, which you can buy from its official website for $ 50 (approximately € 37).

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