PhpMyAdmin best database administrator

I had wanted to talk about phpMyAdmin for a long time , although I imagine that a large majority already know this database management tool did not want to ignore it especially to show it to those new webmasters.

What is phpMyAdmin?

The simple definition of phpMyAdmin is a free program written in PHP for the administration of MySQL via web.

In other words, it is a PHP script that allows us to manage our MySQL databases through the browser.

Main features of phpMyAdmin.

phpMyAdmin is a very complete application with countless uses and characteristics, so in this section we will talk about the most basic or most used functions by most users.

The application allows basic operations in MySQL databases such as: create / delete databases, create / delete / alter tables, delete / edit / add fields, execute SQL statements, manage keys in fields, manage privileges and export Data in various formats. As we can see the basic functionality is very complete , many times the option to export data is used to make backups of the database and to be able to restore this backup in the future through phpMyAdmin with the option to import.

It is the default database administrator in many commercial control panels such as cPanel, Plesk or DirectAdmin, which demonstrates the quality of this script.

In my opinion it is a basic tool that any webmaster should know how to handle, whether new or advanced.

Another important function is that it allows you to optimize and repair tables , which are two very important maintenance tasks in our web projects.

Another functionality that I find very useful is the possibility of searching the databases as well as being able to write our own SQL queries directly and execute them.

phpMyAdmin is also not a great help tool for application developers who use MySQL since it allows debugging and testing quickly and easily.

If you have a website and your hosting does not offer phpMyAdmin by default you can always install it manually , so you have no excuse for not using it.


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