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Outlook for Android updated

The official Outlook application for Android has been updated to achieve a version with the same characteristics and the same power as the versions of other platforms (Windows Phone, iOS).

Many will ask why to use this application when Android comes integrated with Gmail natively, because the answer is very simple, some users still have active accounts in the old Hotmail that is now known as Outlook and the need to check email is born.

Many of you will think that the best alternative before installing the Outlook application is to redirect the Outlook emails to our Gmail account and thus we have all the centralized mail in a single account, but in my case (and in the case of many other users surely) we need two independent accounts that do not interfere to send or receive emails.

Outlook features for Android.

  • It has a new design faithful to the Outlook web style and adopting the design features that Windows 8 uses with its Metro style.
  • Conversations nested in threads , so it is easier to follow our emails with the same person on the same topic.
  • It has filters for unread or marked emails , to quickly access these emails. It allows to mark the emails as spam or mark them as read and thus speed up the email query.
  • Allows synchronization of the calendar and contacts with our Android device.
  • It incorporates real-time push notifications that guarantee an almost instant email arrival alert on our Android device.
  • View and synchronize the different email folders including subfolders.
  • Outlook for Android is totally free and available in Spanish .
  • An interesting feature is that it allows you to use several Outlook accounts simultaneously without the need to constantly authenticate and un-authenticate.

Outlook for Android is a very complete program with excellent functionality, since this last update is a highly recommended program and without a doubt the best option to check the mail of our Outlook account.

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