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Optimize battery usage by adjusting brightness

One of the ways to extend the battery life of our Android device is to adjust the screen brightness, since the screen is an element that consumes most of the battery. The less brightness the screen has, the less battery it will consume, but image quality will be lost.

From the above is born the need for an Android application that allows us to adjust the brightness levels according to the situation and thus help us extend the life of our battery. The application in question is called Velis Auto Brightness and is completely free.

Automatic brightness adjustment is achieved through the use of light sensors or according to profiles depending on the time of day. For example, the same level of brightness is not necessary to see the time on our Smartphone than to read a book, in the first case a low level of brightness is more than enough, while in the second case we will need a good level of brightness.

The application can use two sensors (if your device has them), one to detect the intensity of light ( photoelectric sensor ) and another to determine the proximity (for example of the ear when making a call and turning off the screen).

While it is true that the Android system brings by default an automatic screen brightness adjustment functionality (at least on my Smartphone) it does not work as well as Velis Auto Brightness . Not to mention that this application brings many more options and is more flexible.

Automatic brightness adjustment tests with Velis Auto Brightness.

To test Velis Auto Brightness, the first thing I did was install it and follow the setup wizard. Once configured for my device in a dark room and with the screen active, I turned the room light on and off, appreciating the automatic brightness changes that Velis Auto Brightness made. I have to say that it adjusted the brightness in a very smooth way and that not only saves battery life but also prevents glare.

I must also say that the battery life is true that it has increased, but I would not know how much to say exactly because it depends a lot on the use. But I’m not going to fool you either, the battery saving is quite low, at least in my case, but I think everyone should try the results for themselves.

If you need to extend the life of your battery and your Android system does not bring by default any option of auto brightness adjustment, installing this application is fundamental in my opinion.

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