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Online clothing and shoes stores

I recently bought clothes and shoes online and in this article I will show some of my experiences and recommendations when buying clothes and shoes online . In the articles I will make an analysis of Zalando and Spartoo .

I was one of those people who always opted to go to the physical store and try to buy later, but times change and now you can save a few euros buying online stores, which is not bad in times of crisis.

Online shoe stores.

What I have compared have been shoes, shoes and some accessories, so far I have not bought clothes such as shirts or pants since those clothes if I prefer to go to a physical store in case I need them to do some sewing work on the garment.

I recommend two stores Zalando and Spartoo, both are good and very serious in their work, then I talk about each of them in depth.


It is where I have made most of my purchases since it usually has a price a few euros below the price of Spartoo and I usually find discount coupons. In Zalando you can subscribe to their mailing list and receive a coupon with a 10% discount on purchases with an amount greater than € 50.

As for the shipments, there was only one time that the order did not arrive and they returned the money in addition to sending me a coupon with a 20% discount on my next purchase to compensate me for the inconvenience. Apparently the orders leave Germany and a very small percentage is lost or sent to another place by mistake, but your money is always safe since they return it to you unless the product arrives.

As for the support I have to say that the assistance number is free and they attended me quickly. The support by mail instead sometimes they did not answer me and until I called by phone I could not solve the problems.
The orders usually take 5 days and one thing that I loved is that the day the order arrives they send me an SMS from the Post Office saying that the delivery will be made.

If you have to return an order because you do not like the item or because it is not your size, you can do it for free, but it takes about 15 days to return the money.


It is another great online clothing and footwear store and the advantage it has in front of Zalando is that its catalog and variety of items is usually greater, at least in terms of footwear.

Another thing that I like about Spartoo, is that when choosing sizes it shows you a suggestion if it is better to take more or less size than usual when choosing a product size. This recommendation is made based on the number of returns, so it is a great help when choosing size.

They also usually have promotions and discount coupons, for example they currently give you a € 7 voucher if you are a fan of their Facebook page and also a € 5 voucher if you subscribe to their mailing list.

Shipments are also made within 5 or 6 days, only in this case they use UPS and not Post as Zalando.

Returns are also free and they refund your money faster than in Zalando.

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