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New update of WhatsApp

Today a new WhatsApp update for Android in version 2.9.3847 has been released, which finally updates its interface to a more current one. On the other hand with the mess of WhatsApp licenses it seems that they have wanted to facilitate payments and in this new version of WhatsApp we are allowed to pay by PayPal (previously only allowed payment by Google Wallet).

New update of WhatsApp.

They have also added two new licensing model one for three years with an amount of € 2.40 and another for 5 years with an amount of € 3.34 and maintaining the price of the annual license at € 0.89.

The new interface is more colorful and functional and with a cleaner and visually pleasing design. But despite this update, it still does not allow us to hide the time of our last connection , which iPhone users do allow.

Despite the new payment options and the new license models, the WhatsApp company continues to discriminate against users of Android devices, since for iPhone it has a license model for life .

Therefore I encourage you to obtain a license for life instead of renewing every x years, for this you will only need an iPhone a couple of minutes to make the purchase, in the article Get WhatsApp license for life you have explained the process.

It is at these times when I really consider moving to LINE, since WhatsApp seems to discriminate against Android users by offering them worse licensing conditions and worse program functionality. The main drawback of LINE is that it consumes too much battery and many users will have to choose to keep WhatsApp or use LINE, since maintaining both is shortening the battery life in excess.
Personally, I have not yet decided to make the leap to LINE, but what remains of 2013 will be definitive for many users who will have to renew the license.

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