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Monitor web page or server

Many times the need to monitor our website or server is born to know if it is online or not. It is a task that needs some type of external service that frequently checks the status of our website.
There are several alternatives, but the best known and used is Pingdom .

Pingdom is an online application that allows us to monitor our website. They offer a free service but with certain restrictions, such as, for example, it only allows you to monitor a website and only offers 20 SMS alerts although you send alerts by other means such as email and without any limitation. It also sends alerts to a mobile device with iOS or Android if you configure it.

Pingdom offers several advantages to monitor a website compared to other similar websites.

It allows you to adjust the monitoring interval with which you want to verify that the web is online (allows values ??between 1 minute and 60 minutes).

It has advanced options , some very useful. Most of the websites similar to Pingdom are simpler and I either make a simple ping request to check if the web is online or make an HTTP request and check if the response code is 200 (200 = OK). These two methods are not reliable, so Pingdom in its advanced options allows us to establish a text string that has to appear when making the HTTP request in the “Check for string” option. For example, in VozIdea I have the text string “LAST ARTICLES” and if this text string does not appear then Pingdom would send me a notification.

Another interesting advanced option is the “Request headers”, which are the headers of the HTTP request that Pingdom sends to check our website. This option is useful for developers because it allows them to interact with the headers, but it is a very advanced option for those who do not know the subject and can ignore it without any problem.

In summary, it is a highly recommended and more than enough service for blogs or personal websites, but for a larger number of websites this option is no longer viable because it is paid, it only supports monitoring a website for free.

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