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Monica, a free personal relationship manager

The open source world does not stop surprising us and today I discovered one of those scripts in PHP that behind its apparent simplicity we find a world of possibilities. I’m talking about Monica, a free and open source personal relationship manager .

This application is found as a free online service in which we can register to have our account and we can also download the script and install it on our own server . Monica is programmed in PHP and makes use of the Laravel framework.

What is Monica and what can she serve us for?

The developer himself defines Monica as a CRM for family and friends . Remember that a CRM is a software designed to manage customer relations, in fact the acronym CRM comes from the English “Customer Relationship Management” .

After using it for some time I have found a wide range of possibilities and some of its uses are:

  • Manage a personal agenda. By being able to add contacts, tasks, reminders, etc … we can create a kind of personal agenda from which to manage our daily activity.
  • Manage family relationships and friendships. It is true that social networks like Facebook take the cake in this aspect, but with Monica we can also add birthday reminders and important dates from our close contacts.
  • Manage clients It is true that Monica is not specially designed to manage customers, but it would help us if we do not need great features. The script allows us to add debts and pending payments with our contacts in a simple way, hence its versatility.

Let’s not confuse Monica with what is not.

We should not confuse Monica with a social network, since it is not, it looks more like a personal agenda than a social network. Nor can we expect advanced features and complex options, since it is a simple and accessible software for most users .

Personally I have tried the free online service and it works very well, the only thing I miss is that it is not available in Spanish . I still have to install it on my own server to see if there is any way to put it in Spanish (although examining the folder /resources/lang/ of the project you can see that only the English, French, Portuguese and Russian languages ??are available).

As the program itself has features to import / export the data of our contacts , we can migrate the information from one place to another without problems.

Information about the project.

If you are thinking of installing Monica on your own server you should know the requirements are PHP 7.0+, a compatible database system (MySQL, SQLite or Postgre) , Git and Composer. The truth is that the installation system is not very friendly with novice users, but we have detailed instructions on the GitHub page of the project .

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