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LINE, the dubious alternative to WhatsApp

The messaging programs evolve and LINE appears, which for many is a replacement for Whatsapp. I do not think so, and I am sure that LINE is a great application but at the moment it has several drawbacks .

What is LINE?

For those who do not know LINE is a messaging program (such as Viber, Tango, Skype or ChatON) that offers text messages and voice calls (using VozIP) for free . He wants to collect the same messaging and at the same time features of social networks. It allows to share states, photos, videos and other things typical of social networks.

The program is currently causing a stir because it is already available in Spanish (the company that develops this program is Japanese is called Naver .

A remarkable feature of this program is that you can use it on Android mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.), on a PC, on iPhone, Mac and BlackBerry. With this the program is present on all platforms and no one will be left without being able to use or test it.


Today and after having a week on the program on my smartphone and on my PC I can say that LINE will not replace WhatsApp for the moment . This is mainly because it consumes approximately 30% more battery than WhatsApp (at least on Android, on iOS I have not been able to try it). On the other hand, the consumption of RAM is high 60MB (while WhatsApp needs 19MB).

Another drawback is the calls with VozIP, since for many (including me) this is a feature that can allow us to lower the cost of our bill, but the vast majority of Spanish telephone companies have restrictions regarding the use of VozIP in their terminals, In fact, in some terminals I have not been able to use Viber, Tango or Skype for calls via VozIP.

I can say that I have tried LINE and the VozIP calls have worked for me and they have an acceptable quality, but I do not use them regularly, as in the terms of my company’s contract (as in the majority of Spaniards if it has Movistar, Vodafone, Yoigo or Orange) refers to the use of VozIP calls not allowed.


In my opinion, until they manage to reduce battery consumption on Android it is a NOT recommended program, since the duration of a fully charged battery leaves enough to be desired, such as to lose 30% autonomy for an application.

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