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Learn Cracking or Reverse Engineering from scratch and for newbies

Many have occurred to me to learn to crack programs or cracking, to be able to make keygens or patches for programs that I might need, but I have never decided to start so far.

What is Reverse Engineering or Cracking?

Reverse engineering tries to get information about a product available to the public. When we apply this reverse engineering to skip software protections it is usually called Cracking.

I’m a newbie, where do I start learning cracking?

The first thing you should know is that a very important point from my point of view is that before learning to crack you have to learn some programming language, no matter what, Python, Perl, C ++, C #, Java, PHP, etc. …

I think it is necessary to know the basics of programming because when they talk about a loop or a loop , it determines not to keep their mouths open. The same goes for basic concepts such as variable, function, etc …

I would recommend learning one of the following languages: Java, C # or VB .Net. I recommend one of these three because the basics are easy to learn and there is a lot of information on the net about them, especially tutorials for newbies. With this I do not want to say that if you decide to learn Python, C ++ or any other language you are making a mistake, only that I see more simple when it comes to learning the three that I name.

You can try to learn without having programmed, I think it is also possible, but I think it will cost you much more effort since you do not have the bases. If you have just read this, do not be discouraged, learning to program is also very fun and every Cracker likes to program.

I am familiar with the basics of programming, how do I learn to crack?

If you have already made contact with some programming language and you have a minimum base, it is time to visit the website of the great teacher Ricardo Narvaja .

On this website you will find an exceptional tutorial or guide, I would dare to say that the best you can find in Spanish, the name of the tutorial is “ Introduction to cracking with Ollydbg from scratch ” and you can download it directly by clicking here .
The tutorial consists of 58 parts (it is quite extensive) and includes not only theory but also practices to make learning more enjoyable.

This website by Ricardo Narvaja is also backed by a community known as CracksLatinos where you can find many users of all levels and mostly Spanish-speaking. I leave the link to the group of CracksLatinos because if you have doubts there you can ask them and get answers from experts.

I am not going to give you more information, since everything you need is there. In future articles I may try some aspect of the tutorial (I am still doing it, I am going to part 14) and I will even give you other websites or forums in which to find information but in English and that is already necessary when one has advanced, but To start it is not necessary.

Here I end, good luck and patience with learning.

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