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Kimsufi dedicated server analysis (OVH / Kemsirve)

After hiring a Kimsufi server (it is an OVH company that offers low-cost servers) I have decided to write an analysis of what I thought about the service after a month of use.
In my case I have hired the “KS 2G” model for € 21 / month (VAT included) to have it as a test, learning server and to share things with friends. The truth is that I give it a fairly complete use, I even use it as a personal proxy server, so I cost the cost quite well. In this review of the Kimsufi server I will try to guide you in offering the company to help you make a decision when hiring their services.

Kimsufi KS 2G server features

You can see the most complete features on the official OVH page , in this section I will talk about the aspects that seem most important to me when selecting this model and that can be of help even if you select another model.

The processor is an Interl Atom 230 / D425 of 1.6GHz and 64-bit architecture, which has a single core and two threads. It is not a very powerful processor but it is enough to run any Linux distribution with a web server (php + mysql + apache + ftp).

The server comes with 2GB of RAM and a 1Tb of hard disk, which is enough to host websites with few visits or that need few resources or as a test server is excellent.

Finally the connection and server traffic, which is perhaps where there may be doubts. The network connection is 100Mbps up and down (remember that 100Mbps is approximately 10MB / s), but this connection speed is maintained only for the first 5TB you consume each month. If a month exceeds 5TB the connection lowers its speed to 10Mbps (which would be approximately 1MB / s) until a new month begins. Obviously you can buy additional traffic TB so that it doesn’t slow down but it’s quite expensive.

Kimsufi KS 2G server configuration options

As for which operating system to select, it will depend a lot on your needs, but they offer you a multitude of options in Linux distributions, Windows and in higher models you can use virtualization environments such as VMware ESXi, Citrix Xen Server, ProxMox VE, SmatOS and some other option but It has an additional cost for the license (Parallels Virtuozzo, Solus VM).

For the novice user I recommend the Ubuntu 12.04 Remote Desktop distribution, since it comes with X2Go installed that will allow you to connect from your PC to your server’s remote desktop and as Linux is free you will not have to pay additional cost for any license. Anyway I do not recommend to any user who does not have basic knowledge of Linux to hire a server with Linux as is obvious.

Something that I liked is that they give you access to an administration panel (OVH Manager) from which you can reinstall the operating system (you have several operating systems to choose from), restart the server, monitor the server and more.

Kimsufi server support

The support provided by OVH through tickets (I didn’t try it on the phone) is simply bad, I have not even been asked questions before I bought the server, so the customer service is very bad and what It fails to have a good service.

On the other hand they do not take care of anything in terms of server configuration, the only thing they take care of is to replace the hardware if it fails or breaks down, but I have still read cases in which to show people of the support that the hardware fails, sometimes it is not an easy task.


They are very stable dedicated servers and the cheapest ones you can find, mine has not suffered any interruption in the service and it shows that the hardware is first quality. As a negative point is the support, since they should be more educated and answer the tickets with questions as well as pay more attention to the client’s words and recognize their hardware failures without so many obstacles.

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