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Kickass Torrents creates a community after closing

Surely you have already heard about the closing of one of the best known torrents trackers, Kickass Torrents and the subsequent arrest of its administrator. But Kickass Torrents had a large community behind and has reunited in a new community called KAT Community .

We will hardly see Kickass Torrents operational again, but surely part of their community will remain active and revolve around the P2P world. As expected, this new community does not offer torrent downloads to users but we can access the forum through the web .

But … is the end of something the closure of Kickass Torrents?

After the closure of Kickass Torrents numerous new trackers have appeared trying to serve as a replacement for KAT. News has also been read in which it was claimed that in the alternative trackers the traffic had increased.

And it is that in this of sharing files through the network, it is something that can hardly be put to an end, either using P2P or any other technology. In fact, just a few hours ago one of the largest file hosting companies currently operating under the name of Openload, saw how they suspended their main domain, but soon they were back.

Kickass Torrents has disappeared, but there are still many trackers out there that download any type of file, they don’t have to be illegal files that infringe copyright. Private trackers are today the safest alternative, although it is quite complicated to get an invitation.

A few days ago we published an article about the advantages of creating a community and here we see a clear example that even with the main website closed by court order, the community is still alive.

Within the KAT community, they deal with multiple topics, from P2P tutorials or video coding to everyday things. We will see how this new community evolves and finally.

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